My teams and I have designed:
- Amazon: Multi-design, multi-format, year in advance gift card ordering
- Amazon: Product Gift Cards (reducing returns and adding a personal touch)
- Amazon: Pay with points; American Express
- EA Games:; customer loyalty, eCommerce, account security
- Paypal: X.commerce eCommerce platform
- Paypal: Android / iOS inventory scanning app
- GM: Urban Active Ride Share; mobile app, responsive web
- GM: New parts and accessories eCommerce platform
- GM: Cadillac Interactive Kiosk
- GM: Brazil Dealer websites; responsive web
- GM: Online Service Scheduling, web and car infotainment
- Capital One bank: designed and prototyped website

My teams and I have also modernized quite a few existing projects:
- One Technologies: UK enrollment, increasing conversion rate by 20%
- Paypal: Magento redesign admin to front end
- GM:; responsive web

While being a father to 3 awesome kids I am also a certified rescue diver and UX conference presenter.